Where the Wind Blows (Digital Album)


  1. Wild Mountain’s Thyme
  2. Soraidh leis an áit
  3. Fields of Gold
  4. An tèid thu leam gu Tír á mhurainn
  5. Yellow’s on the broom
  6. The Bleacher Lass o’ Kelvinhaugh
  7. Fill-iù oro hù o
  8. The Last Thing on my Mind
  9. Da Fetlar Lullaby
  10. Ae fond kiss
  11. A’ phiuthrag ’s a phiuthar
  12. The Parting Glass


Where the Wind Blows is a collection of beautiful, traditional Scottish and Gaelic melodies and works by artists including Sting and Tom Paxton.

Digital Version. Download the album straight to your device. An email will be sent to download your songs.