Squirrel Session #7

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve been enjoying the recent eclectic weather (if you live in the UK at least). It’s keeping me on my toes, along with the ever-shifting lockdown guidelines!

One thing that remains constant are the Squirrel Sessions. The next one is this coming Friday, the 3rd of July 7 – 7.30pm:

I look forward to it and hope to see a few of you ready to see in the weekend then!

Elena x

Squirrel Session tonight cancelled

I’m very sorry to announce tonight’s session can’t go ahead for reasons outside of my control. I have re-scheduled it for Saturday 20th June at 4 – 4.30pm as via the embedded video below.

Again, huge apologies but hope to see a few of you on Saturday,

Elena x

Another play on the BBC!

Just a quick update to mention that I received my second play on Dave Gilyeat’s wonderful local show BBC Introducing in Oxford over the weekend.

I sent him a rough cut of new recording ‘Da Fetlar Lullaby’ which he played towards the end of the show at 45 minutes in. The finished version will feature on the new album so this is a nice sneak preview!

In case you’re reading this after the linked show has expired, I’ve also placed a recording of it on my Soundcloud channel below. Enjoy!

Elena x

Elena Piras Music ยท Da Fetlar Lullaby on BBC Introducing in Oxford 140620

Squirrel Session #6 – 18/6 7pm


I hope you enjoyed Squirrel Session #5 on Wednesday night. I loved it and definitely felt like one of my best yet. We’ve since experimented further with the technical set up and hope to be even better for the next one which brings me to….

The 6th Squirrel Session will be back on Thursday 18th June, 7 – 7.30pm as usual. This can be accessed as usual through the player below:

I look forward to seeing a few of you then!

Elena x

Squirrel Session #5 this Wednesday

Hi there,

I hope the slight relaxing of lockdown rules has been positive for you so far. One thing that isn’t changing any time soon is my bi-weekly Squirrel Session so this is just a short note to remind you that it’s happening this Wednesday (not Thursday as usual) from 7 – 7.30pm.

You can watch below when the time starts or head to https://youtu.be/E_AAd-bbWlA. Please do subscribe to my channel in the meantime and let me know if you’re watching in the comments – it really means a lot to me when I don’t have any applause to hear!

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Elena x

Squirrel Session #4

Happy Friday for those who can remember what day it actually is… I have some good news! The next Squirrel Session is scheduled for May 21 at 7pm BST.

I’m getting better at using it and can now share the video which should go live at the time – so just come here at that time, settle down with a cuppa or a dram and enjoy.

In the meantime, you may have noticed a pop-up to join my mailing list – PLEASE do this (and apologies if the pop-up is annoying, I’m trying to find a better way to do it) to keep updated on what I’m up to. I’m planning to send my first message next week.

Have a good weekend if you can and take care of yourselves,

Elena x

Squirrel Session #3

Hi – just a quick update to say that my third online gig (this really happening on YouTube and not Facebook) is happening on Wednesday (May 6th) evening at 7pm UK time. My channel is over at https://www.youtube.com/user/elenapiras

The previous session is now available to watch back whenever you like here:

It is also available at https://www.facebook.com/pg/elenapirasmusic/videos/

I should also add that my interview with SWIM (Scottish Women Inventing Music is now available to watch here –

Looking forward to seeing/hearing from a few of you on Wednesday night!

Elena x

First play on CMR and Squirrel Sessions #2

Hi there – I hope lockdown living is treating you all well. I’m doing OK and keeping busy recording and rehearsing for my next home gig.

Speaking of which, the next Squirrel Sessions online gig is happening this Thursday 23rd April at 7pm BST! It will be on my YouTube channel (not Facebook) here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrRwy-xlnTJ-uotEuoX3UFg/

I also wanted to say thank you to Kate Reid for kindly playing my song ‘Aide Momi Na Megdano’ on Celtic Music Radio on Easter Sunday. Check out the extract from the show here:

If you like what you hear, it’s available on my first album ‘Journey’ which I’ve recently made available for instant download or less-instant CD purchase from my Bandcamp page.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday evening!

Elena x